Best Offset Smoker Under $2000-Top 8 Smokers for 2024

The offset smoker is your best friend for outdoor cooking; one can enjoy healthy and delicious food on different occasions to make your gatherings more memorable. The pleasant odor of the barbecue coming out from smoker grills is sufficient to stimulate appetite. Although, there are a number of offset smokers available in the market, after testing many we enlist the best offset smoker under $2000.

You can find a huge variety of smokers, some of them are very expensive and mostly used for commercial purposes, and it’s not good to buy them if they are useless. On the other hand, the cheapest offset smokers may not be handy to fulfill requirements. 

So, firstly need to know about your cooking requirements and that must be kept in mind while buying an offset smoker. Every offset smoker has some different key features and specifications, before purchasing should consider these features as well.

If you want to buy an offset smoker for outdoor cooking with family or friends, then the offset smokers available in our list of best offset smoker under $2000 are perfect for barbecuing meat, fish, chicken, and some other cuisines. After analyzing these smokers you can easily choose one that is most suitable.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker Fuel Type

45 x 28 x 49 inches

Item weight
84 pounds
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backpac Char-Broil 12201570-A1 American Gourmet Offset Smoker Fuel Type

17.5 x 46.25 x 44.75 inches

Item weight
38 Pounds
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backpac Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Wide Body Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker Fuel Type

21 x 43.3 x 50.2 inches

Item weight
83 Pounds
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backpac Masterbuilt MB20052318 MPS 230S Propane Smoker Fuel Type
Liquefied Petroleum Gas

18 x 17 x 36 inches

Item weight
56.04 Pounds
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backpac Royal Gourmet CD1824AC 24 Inch Charcoal Grill  Brand
Royal Gourmet

50 x 22 x 48.8 inches

Item weight
59 pounds
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backpac Weber SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gen) Wood Fired Pellet Grill Style

 30.3 x 55.5 x 31.3 inches

Item weight
204 pounds
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backpac Z GRILLS ZPG-6002B 2020 New Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoke Fuel Type
Liquefied Petroleum Gas

46 x 22 x 46 inches

Item weight
77.2 Pounds
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backpac Char-Broil 12201570-A1 American Gourmet Offset Smoker Brand

17.5 x 46.25 x 44.75 inches

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Furthermore, this buying guide of the best offset smoker under $2000 will help to find a suitable offset smoker at a very affordable price. For perfect use of the money just check the list below.

Top 8 Best Offset Smoker Under $2000

1-Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker:

Z Grills ZPG-450A is one of the most versatile wood pellet smokers at a very reasonable price. 8 in 1 includes BBQ, roast, bake, grill, smoke, char-grill, braise, sear makes it more special.

best offset smoker under $2000

Apart from multiple cooking options, its grills are coated with a high-temperature powder that gives a real wood-smoked flavor to food without sticking. The use of pure steel materials in grills makes them more durable and keeps them away from rusting.

To maintain the temperature long for proper cooking there is a PID Technology that helps to achieve the perfect taste. Additionally, you can vary the temperature from 180° to 450° F according to the taste and the kinds of items you want to cook i.e. BBQ, roast, smoke or braise, etc. All have to do is just set the temperature once, sit, and enjoy the meal.

The ZPG-450A is best for your family having 452 sq. cooking space, bronze in colour with 45 x 28 x 49 inches dimensions, and an overall weight of 84 pounds. Its pellet hopper having 15 pound capacity gives a proper cooking time without constant refilling.

So overall, this pellet grill and smoker is an ideal choice if you are in search of a compact yet powerful smoker that delivers big flavor without breaking the bank.

To any outdoor cooking setup, its a valuable addition having deadly combination of durable construction, ample cooking space, accurate temperature control, and versatility. In addition, you can easily set the temperature, relax, and enjoy the delicious results due to its user-friendly design.


  • Modern technology to control the temperature
  • Versatile cooking options (8 in 1)
  • Rust-free and long-lasting grills, no food sticking
  • Smooth heat distribution for proper cooking
  • Easy to clean firebox and grill area


  • Not good for big families

2-Char-Broil 12201570-A1 American Gourmet Offset Smoker:

Char-Boil always provides the most amazing offset smokers, Char-Boil 12201570-A1 is the best example. If you are fonder of outdoor cooking, and regularly go outside, then it’s perfect for your small family.

Char-Boil 12201570-A1 offset smoker

Its firebox chamber gives an even heat to make the smoke low, slow, and fine for delicious cooking. Most importantly, the BBQ and charcoal combination makes it more reliable to use.

Moreover, a temperature gauge helps to fire the fuel into the grills without losing it. In the main cooking chamber, there is a 290 sq.-inch space to cook snacks, while the firebox chamber is designed with a 140 sq.-inch cooking surface.

The color American Gourmet offset smoker has 17.5 x 46.26 x 44.75 inches dimensions and the item weight is 46.5 pounds. For adding an authentic smoky flavor to your dishes and enhancing the BBQ experience, charcoal provides a source of fuel in the firebox. Both adjustable dampers and high steel grates make the cleaning very simple for all kinds of ash removal.

To meet your cooking requirements, this offset smoker stands out as an ideal choice for those who are seeking a reliable offset smoker priced around $1000. Upgrade your cooking experience with the performance of this charcoal offset smoker.


  • Easily portable
  • One of the cheapest smoker
  • Best for a small family outdoor cooking
  • Cool handles
  • Easy to clean 


  • Food may stick at high temperature

3-Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker:

For big families and friends, the Dyna-Glo vertical charcoal smoker is perfect for celebrating birthday parties, Christmas, and other ceremonies together. Vertically designed Dyna-Glo has a huge cooking surface of 1890 sq. inches.

offset smoker under 2000 dollars

Besides a huge cooking space, there are six cooking grates that can be adjusted according to the size of the food you want to cook. Each height-adjustable grate has a capacity of 25 pounds, so you can cook various foods.

Proper heat distribution and emission are necessary to give a flavorsome to the food, its vertical shape not only provides the natural flow to the heat but also helps in an even heat distribution to make the food tasty.

Apart from its structure, the stainless steel thermometer keeps the temperature absolute for perfect smoke flavor. Black colored Dyna-Glo overall dimensions are 21 x 43.3 x 50.2 and have a weight of 83 pounds.

To improve burning efficiency charcoal chamber keeps the coal blocks tightly. A charcoal chamber made of porcelain-enameled steel is durable and long-lasting.

Furthermore, its removable steel ash pan can easily hold a bulk amount of ash for a long to make sure of maintenance-free cooking, allowing you to focus on what matters most—creating delectable dishes for your loved ones.

The unique features and large cooking surface of Dyna-Glo make it one of the best offset smokers in 2024 without any doubt. That’s why we included it in our list of best offset smoker under $2000.


  • Large cooking space perfect for parties
  • Best ash management system
  • Natural heat flow makes the food delicious
  • Height adjustable grates allow to cook various foods
  • A removable ash pan makes cleaning very simple


  • The paint may peel off when it’s too hot

4-Masterbuilt MB20052318 MPS 230S Propane Smoker:

Masterbuilt MB20052318 is the real masterpiece in the smoking world to give a unique flavor to the food. The use of propane as a fuel makes it more reliable and environment friendly.

Masterbuilt MB20052318 propane smoker

Push-button ignition is not only quick but also provides extra leisure in burning. Its substantial stainless-steel smooth burner gives up to 15,400 BTU. 

Moreover, a built-in temperature gauge helps to control and maintain the inside temperature for slow and low cooking. To achieve the perfect results every time, this features provides users with the much needed precision.

There are four racks available that are coated with chrome, giving sufficient space for food cooking. You can easily cook multiple chickens, meat, or other pieces as per requirement.

This unique-shaped smoker design is one of the best offset smoker designs having dimensions 18 x 17 x 36 inches while it weighs about 56.04 pounds, due to its compact structure it occupies less space than some others.

A flame disk bowl coated with porcelain protects the burner from grease or any kind of dust while allowing the flame to reach wood chips. You can remove the bowl to add some flavor or moisture to the food at any time while cooking. 

Apart from giving a special flavor to your food, it looks very attractive because of its distinctive design and black color. Surely, you will love it after cooking the meal in it.

To achieve a truly satisfying smoking experience, this propane smoker having combine features of functionality, innovation, and aesthetics can be a reliable and versatile addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal.


  • Quick and easy burning
  • Occupy less space
  • Protected from any rust or grease
  • Environment friendly


  • Cleaning is not simple

5-Royal Gourmet CD1824AC 24 Inch Charcoal Grill:

If you are a food lover and go outside occasionally then Royal Gourmet is perfect for an outdoor picnic. Its simple-looking offset smoker is covered with a heavy-duty lid having a temperature gauge to check the temperature continuously and control the heat inside the cooking chamber.

best offset smoker

Aside from the temperature gauge, you can control the heat while adjusting the charcoal pan from 1 to 6 levels at different heights for low cooking. Inside the chamber, there are steel grills coated with porcelain enamel having a cooking area of 393 sq. inches while warming racks occupy 205 sq. inches of cooking surface.

Furthermore, to avoid heat loss during the cooking process, there are two adjustable dampers and a cool-touch handle front door. Shelves on both sides of the lid cover provide an extra seasoning area.

Black-colored Royal Gourmet dimensions are 50 x 22 x 48.8 inches with 59 pounds item weight is very easy to assemble. You can clean easily and thoroughly while separating a removable ashtray.

Most importantly, there is a built-in bottle opener at the left leg to enjoy the drink with BBQ and make your moment special. Two small caster wheels help to move the smoker anywhere without too much effort.

In our list of best-offset smokers under $2000, Royal Gourmet is one of the most durable and versatile, and it’s perfect for backyard or outdoor cooking.


  • Controlled and proper heat distribution
  • Assembling is very simple
  • Height-adjustable charcoal grate
  • Easy to clean
  • Easily portable


  • Expose to rust or some other chemicals

6-Weber 23510201 SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gen):

Weber Smoke Fire EX6 is the most modern offset smoker equipped with the latest technology to provide a smoky flavor. The use of Weber porcelain-enamel finishing not only protects the smoker from rusting and cracking but also helps to maintain the heat throughout the entire cooking process.

top offset smoker

The vast temperature range of 200° to 600°F allows the cooking of various foods like BBQ, smoked ribs, roast veggies, chicken, etc. As a wood smoke lover, you can select the smoke boost at the start of cooking; this will add extra smoke to your food and give a smoky flavor.

Besides, an additional feature of smart grilling technology makes it superior to many others, after connecting with your phone it provides grilling assistance at every step to achieve the exact wood smoke. When food is about to be ready you will receive a notification, one can also set and control the fire temperature from the phone.

Its dual grill space gives a huge cooking area of 1008 sq. inches with 30.3 x 55.5 x 31.3 inches dimensions. A specially designed DC-powered engine prevents the auger jams.

There are specially designed flavorizer bars for even heat, they block the flame provide consistent heat, and boost the food flavor sharply.

The inclusion of modern technology, attractive look, and massive cooking space makes Weber Smokefire EX6 having a weight of 202 lbs. is one of the best offset smokers under 2000. 

In the world of smoking, whether you are a seasoned grill master or a beginner, this pellet grill guarantees a culinary journey engraved with flavor and convenience. With this technologically advanced offset smoker, you can embrace the future of outdoor cooking.


  • All in one 
  • Auto control with smart grilling technology
  • Large cooking area
  • Precise heat setting for the smoky flavor
  • Rust protected
  • No auger jams


  • Need Regular Cleaning to avoid greasing

7-Z GRILLS ZPG-6002B 2020 New ModelBest Offset Smoker Under $2000

Here is another exciting product of Z Grills to make your moments special with a flavorful meal. A gracefully designed ZPG-6002B model is the most efficient and easy to handle even if you are a beginner. Just need to push a single button to start it, moreover, a digital auto temperature controller makes it easier and simpler.

 ZPG-6002B model offset smoker

Additionally, its running cost is very low, once you put 20 pounds of pellets it’s enough to cook for about 20 hours. The versatile temperature range of 180° to 450°F gives 8 in 1, bbq, braise, roast, fish, etc. Besides, you can not get a pure wood smoky flavor to food.

The temperature just varies within 10 degrees of your initial set temperature, it doesn’t disturb too much from the outside temperature, that’s why the even heat distribution gives a matchless taste to the food.

So, you can easily enable searing by raising the temperature up to 1000° F and then adjusting it while opening the air door. The item weight is 77.2 pounds with 46 x 22 x 46 inches overall dimensions.

Importantly, a Bronze-colored ZPG provides a decent cooking space of 700 sq. inches, so we can cook sufficient food at once. It features with specially designed waste oil collector for easy and proper cleaning, easily movable with locking caster wheels.

Therefore, for beginners and those having limited knowledge about smokers, this is a perfect smoker under 2000 dollars.


  • Efficient and easy to handle
  • Precise temperature control
  • Ultimate 8 in 1
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to clean


  • No proper rusting protection

8-Char-Broil the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill:

Char-Boil always introduces the best offset smoker design just like char-boil TRU-Infrared. All-in-one Smoker Roaster & Grill provides an attractive combination of smoke, roast, and grill to food lovers.

char-broil the big easy TRU-Infrared smoker

Additionally, you can easily cook roasts, ribs, and any kind of meat pieces up to 25 pounds in its removable roaster basket. The use of TRU-Infrared technology makes sure the most delicious and even cook without any flare-ups.

As its name, The Big Easy suggests it will be easy to use, you can light up quickly while just turning a knob. Propane is the main power source to smoke the food, and a 20-pound propane tank is connected for outdoor cooking. This technology guarantees a delicious and even cook without the hassle of flare-ups, providing a reliable and enjoyable cooking process.

There is a food thermometer available to cook the food evenly and give a perfect flavor to your meal. A relatively small cooking area of 180 sq. inches is best suitable for small families.

The temperature varies from 9,000 to 18,000 BTUs in the smoker box to add extra flavors to the food. Cleaning is more simple and easy with a removable grease tray to protect the smoker from dust or rust.

The removal of porcelain-coated grates makes it easy to grill chops, steaks, wings, and hamburgers. The vertically designed TRU-Infrared has 23.1 x 23.4 x 36.2 inches dimensions with an item weight of 22.68 pounds.

So, if someone has an idea to purchase the best offset smoker for $1500, then it sounds perfect for his outdoor cooking.


  • All in one smoke, roast, and grill
  • No flare-ups with TRU-Infrared Technology
  • Cleaning is very simple
  • Protecting from rusting
  • Even heat distribution


  • Not good for big families

Buying Guide:

It’s easy to purchase an offset smoker if you have some money but it may not work perfectly. So, one has to know about its basic and foremost features before buying it. Below, we discussed some key features that surely help to choose the best offset smoker under $2000 to fulfill your needs.

Budget Consideration:

In the process of finding the ideal offset smoker, the first step is to set a budget. With a $2000 budget, you can enjoy quality and affordability without blowing your budget. However, for making a wise investment, understanding the pros and cons of budget constraints is very crucial.


An offset smoker with plenty of cooking like smoke, roast, BBQ, grill, braise, etc. is preferable rather than having a few cooking options. The one with multiple cooking not only saves your budget but also occupies less space, providing freedom to keep it anywhere you want. On the other hand, offset smokers with few cooking choices are restricted from enjoying a number of various foods. So, it’s better to have one with more cooking options.

Durable and Long-lasting:

How long your offset smoker can work? It all depends on the material used in its cooking grates and outer tank manufacturing. The one made from heavy-duty materials is not only long-lasting but also protects the smoker from rusting, it can bear a large amount of heat without peeling and gives an amazing flavor to the food. Therefore, while buying an offset smoker one must keep that point in mind.


For parties, celebrations, and ceremonies you always need to bring the smoker outside for outdoor cooking. If your offset smoker is very heavy and without any caster wheels, then it’s difficult to move it from one place to another. Alternatively, the relatively lightweight smokers, equipped with small caster wheels are easily portable and perfect for outdoor cooking.

Cooking Area Size:

The size of an offset smoker is dependent on individual needs. A compact smoker might be suitable for small gatherings or family use. However, for entertaining large group of people, choosing an offset smoker with extensive cooking area is a better option though balancing the fuel efficiency.

Temperature Control Features:

To have a successful smoking, you need to control the temperature accurately. For temperature regulation, various offset smokers employ employ different mechanisms such as baffles, dampers, and adjustable vents. To ensure you have full control over the cooking process, it is essential to understand these features.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

To increase the shelf life of your smoker, its important to perform regular maintenance. In the long run, evaluating the ease of cleanliness and upkeep should be your main priority. It will save a lot of time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1-What features to look for in an offset smoker?

There are some key features that must be considered while purchasing an offset smoker. It must be lightweight, have sufficient cooking space, be easy to clean and portable, protected from any kind of rust, dust, or grease. 

Apart from all these features, the use of modern technology for even heat distribution is compulsory for perfect offset smokers.

2-What would be the cooking space?

Although the large cooking space allows you to cook more food at once and is best for big families and parties, however, it would be costly. On the other hand, an offset smoker with less cooking space gives a smoky flavor to your food at a reasonable price. So, must buy one that fulfills your needs.

3-Is a vertical smoker better or a horizontal?

In vertical smokers, there is a natural heat flow, and the source of heat is right beneath the food which provides proper heat distribution and gives extra flavor to the food. 

In the case of a horizontal smoker burning is simple and requires less fuel and time to cook food. However, it’s not as flavorful as vertical. So, it all depends on what you are looking for.

Final Verdict:

After the inclusion of modern technologies in the smokers buying the best offset smoker in 2024 is not a very simple task at all. One must have proper knowledge about various offset smokers and also needs to manage it within the budget. 

Even though our list includes a number of unique and stunning offset smokers with attractive features, you will be able to find the best-offset smoker according to the requirements. 

One thing must keep in mind is it’s not the price that decides the best one but its features, durability, and particularly your needs. So, pick the best offset smoker under $2000 and enjoy your meal.

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