How To Build an Offset Smoker? How To Build a BBQ Smoker?

Building an offset smoker is not a big deal but it’s important to build it perfectly according to your design and requirements. You also need to make sure your manufactured smoker should be durable and long-lasting. To set up the best offset smoker this review of how to build an offset smoker will be helpful.

Although there are plenty of offset smokers available in the market, maybe no one will be the best fit. Additionally, for an offset smoker of a specific size, fuel-efficient, and unique design. So, just build your own offset smoker and enjoy the flavorful meal.

The material used in offset smoker buildings should be heat resistant and waterproof to avoid any kind of leakage. It doesn’t matter what kind of offset smoker one wants to build, just needs to follow some steps. First of all, collect some essential stuff at the workplace before starting the project.

Steps: How to build an Offset Smoker

Step 1: Stuff Required 

Barrels are the most important thing needed to build an offset smoker while buying barrels should keep a couple of things in mind. Steel sheets used in manufacturing barrels should be thick enough to withstand high temperatures. Furthermore, it must be lightweight, the ideal sheets for barrels are ¼ inches thick.

Even though, there are various sizes of barrels on the market as 33 gallons, 55 gallons, 100 gallons even 500 gallons, etc. You can easily cook an abundant meal in a bigger smoker but it takes too much time and need more fuel to cook. 

On the other hand, you can easily cook food in a smaller one without using too much fuel. So, think about the needs before purchasing barrels.

To cutting barrels with precision and give them a specific shape, you have a circular saw and angle grinder. A work table is also crucial to do all the work accurately. Besides all these materials, we need a thermometer for heat measurement and a MIG welder for welding various parts of an offset smoker.

Here is a list of objects needed to make a reasonable offset smoker.

Apart from all the above items, a mechanic must have amazing skills in angle grinding and welding. 

Step 2: Design

You can not build anything without having a proper sketch in your mind or on paper. That’s designing is considered a key in any kind of construction. After considering the cooking requirements, you just have to design a perfect low-rate offset smoker. 

In this step, a frame height should be kept in mind, it not be too high or low for the firebox, waist height is just perfect. Aside from that, a design must allow a proper heat distribution for giving a smoky flavor to the food.

Step 3: Frame Building

Foundation is the key for any structure, the whole offset smoker is supported by the frame that works as its base. To build a more reliable and substantial homemade offset smoker it’s necessary to focus on frame design and material. 

Firstly, arrange the heavy-duty lightweight steel tubing, this little bit of expensive tubing will be long-running. Cut these tubing according to the barrel dimensions so that barrels sit onto the frame easily without using any kind of nut and bolts mechanism. To cutting steel tubing precisely you need to have a circular saw or angle grinder. 

One thing you must keep in mind while frame building is the height of the frame, it should be high enough to use with ease. An almost waist-height frame is best suitable to work comfortably without bending or stretching arms.

Frame building is one of the major steps in how to build an offset smoker, so done it perfectly.

Step 4: Doors Cutting

Another crucial step in building an offset smoker is door cutting. Take two high steel barrels as already recommended, one should be large enough to cook sufficient food and considered as the main chamber, while the other is relatively small for the firebox.

Cut the door in the cooking chamber, its length depends on the chamber’s length. Cutting should be fine and even prevent any leakage while cooking. After you have done with the cooking chamber’s door. 

Then move towards the firebox door and cut it according to the fuel requirements, it should be smooth and sealed perfectly to hold fuel efficiently. This step needs a lot of concentration to make full use of the offset smoker.

Step 5: Making Door Handles

As we are learning how to make an offset smoker? Now we have to design perfect door handles. Stainless steel is best for making durable and rust-free door handles.

You can cut steel tubing into three pieces and then weld or fasten them together to make a door. Alternatively, bent a single tube into u shape without cutting it into pieces.

Personally, I recommended later, that the joint-free door handles will be more reliable and smooth. Once you have done with it just weld the door handles into the doors. Handles size should be large enough to hold and open them comfortably.

Step 6: Cutting and Welding Barrels

Now it’s time to cut both cooking and firebox barrels sections for smoke flow.

Perfectly align both barrels and mark the area you have to cut. Before aligning and cutting make sure the cooking barrel will be at the top and cut it from the bottom. While the firebox barrel should be at the bottom and cut from the upper section.

After cutting them precisely, weld them together in line to make passage for proper smoke flow. Fine welding allows even heat distribution without any leakage.

Step 7: Essential Attachments

If you are looking for how to build a BBQ smoker perfectly? There are some foremost attachments needed to build a quality offset smoker. Just place the dampers at a suitable location in the firebox chamber for proper heat distribution. 

Dampers not only intake air to burn fuel efficiently but also exhaust the excessive gases to give a smoky flavor to the food. Although, you can locate both dampers on the same side or on opposite sides. According to my experience, it should be on both sides because wind can flow from either side.

Apart from dampers, put a thermometer or temperature gauge to control the inside heat distribution. Even heat distribution is essential for giving a delicious and soft flavor to food.

Furthermore, you can add caster wheels at the bottom to move the offset smokers freely. This portable offset smoker is just perfect for any outdoor meal. 

Lastly, the attachment of a removable pan just below the firebox helps in proper and easy cleaning. All these attachments will make your offset smoker best for indoor and outdoor cooking.

Step 8: Cooking Grills or Grates:

This step does not demand too much effort, you can easily find out porcelain enameled or cast iron grates according to the chamber dimensions. Though, if there are no grates available in the market that fit your size. Then just order to assemble them perfectly to any mechanic.

After arranging them, make small shelves or hangers around the corners of the cooking chamber. For a reasonable offset smoker, shelves should be precise and durable made of some fine material that can easily hold grates. Just hold the grates into the hangers, you can remove and clean them easily whenever you want.

Step 9: Prepare for Cooking:

Now we are in the last step of how to build an offset smoker. Here we discussed some final touches that need an offset smoker before cooking. Clean the offset smoker thoroughly both internally and externally. 

Then paint the surface with high-quality paint that withstands high temperature without stripping. It not only gives a shiny surface to the offset smoker but also prevents rusting. Finally, season an offset smoker properly prior to your first cook. Here you can find out how to season an offset smoker? Enjoy the meal after building your own offset smoker.

Final Verdict:

To build an offset smoker, just need to be an expert in cutting, finishing, and welding. If the pitmaster has the above expertise to some extent then he should build his own offset smoker according to his taste. After going through our guide, you surely have sufficient knowledge about how to build an offset smoker? 

By building it own once does not only save money but also achieve the exact product he wants. So, build an offset smoker at your own work and enjoy the perfect meal.

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