How to Use Offset Smoker? Best Offset Smoker Tips

If you are experienced in cooking food using the traditional smoker or grill, you still need to know how to use an offset smoker. An offset smoker is quite frightening for some people who are thinking of using it for the first time, but it’s not. It is easy to use when you learn how to operate a smoker. You need to know the offset smoker instructions or how a smoker works, which will be clear by the end of the article. 

How to use offset smoker

Also, you will get some offset smoker tips to use easily.

Well, using an offset smoker adds up to the taste of food. Sounds odd? Let me explain. Cooking in an offset smoker will deliver the right heat and temperature to your veggies or meat which helps to maintain the original aroma of food. Many people prioritize offset smokers in parties or other stuff rather than using other options. It is because they know the plus points of offset smokers or they like using it.

Unlike a traditional smoker, an offset smoker has two separate individual compartments. Traditional smokers use only one compartment for cooking food and heat sources. An offset smoker, on the other hand, allows you to cook separately from the heat source.


Initially, the offset smoker was developed by oilfield labourers in Texas and Oklahoma. A long way from home and cafés, it didn’t take much for starved welders to consider excess oil pipe and 55-gallon steel drums and focus on barbecues and smokers.

They put together the balance plan with respect to customary block grill pits, the area where the fire was made in one chamber in addition to the smoke, and furthermore, heat across the supper in another. That was the way they planned the offset smoker box at that point. In the primary 1980s, the purchasing cost of oil dropped from $30 to $10 a barrel.

Texas metal fabricator Wayne Whitworth, author of an oil contract-subordinate business in Houston, began building grill pits to keep his representatives occupied in decline. He called his smoker business “Pitt’s and Spitt’s”— today the most regarded names inside the counterbalance smoker industry.


Horizontal and vertical smokers generally look exactly the same. The lone distinction between these smokers is subject to the cooking chamber with regards to warmth and smoke source.

Horizontal Smokers

Also called offset smoker, this is the first southern-style smoker. It has a firebox mounted only a few inches lower and furthermore as an afterthought from the cooking chamber. The smoke is separated from your firebox through the cooking chamber, the area where the food is set. The level smokers are intended to prepare food gradually at low temperatures.

Your meat will likely be very much entered, which is fundamental while leaning toward a genuinely smoky taste that is unquestionably sodden and delicate contained in the item and fresh remotely.

In each sort of offset smoker, you simply need to follow the means about how to cook on a smoker grill.

These models likewise become a barbecue because of the extra meshes inside the firebox where you could fire/barbecue a few food sources while smoking others.

Some are even organized to empower you to design the key cooking chamber to convey charcoal and transform it into a colossal charcoal barbecue.

Level smokers are intended to utilize both charcoal and wood. This is actually what a true smoker is intended for. Utilizing a totally planned flat smoker gives you a real and lavish smoked flavour; this likewise is maybe why you should genuinely think of it while assessing a smoker to buy.

Vertical Smoker 

vertical smoker

 This is distinctive through the level smoker that sources smoke at a smoke chamber mounted close by the cooking chamber. All in all, an upward smoker has the wellspring of warmth and smoke straightforwardly beneath the cooking chamber. You need to peruse offset smoker instructions beneath in the event that you are having an inconvenience utilizing it.

The unquestionable truth is that the warmth source is straightforwardly beneath the preparing chamber making food cook quicker. An upward smoker is made for quick-cooking food sources and not really the thing for moderate-cooking food sources.

To put it plainly, vertical smokers are ideal for high-heat barbecuing and burning.

By and large, vertical smokers are made to utilize charcoal and wood, yet different models can utilize gas or power. Remember that it’s a lot simpler to control temperature on electric and gas vertical smokers contrasted with vertical charcoal smokers.

Regardless of this, we feel that charcoal and vertical wood smokers are the most valuable. It might take more time for one’s food to get prepared; however, it’ll be truly worth pausing.

Besides, hardwood and fruitwood are high-quality wood for an offset smoker.


1- Clean and Season It  

The offset smoker must be cleaned out with soapy water to remove dust and grease if any. After the smoker has been dried completely, sprinkle the oil inside the cooking chamber. Burn fire for almost 30 minutes with open vents.

2-Set the Temperature Probes 

Take two probes and place them inside the chamber. Try to put it where the food is placed to get accurate readings. You either can use probed wires if you want to move them, or you can mount them on the grates of the chamber. Do not go for the built-in thermometer of the smoker. It measures the temperature that is on top of the smoker.

3-Fire Needs Oxygen 

 As fire needs oxygen, you need to open the vent that is on the side of the firebox. The chimney’s vent should also be extended to release the smoke.  

  4-Light up the Charcoal 

Time to heat the charcoal before placing it inside the firebox. Place the charcoal inside the chimney. Heat them for 15 minutes until they glow up. As soon as the charcoal is ready, you are more likely to place it inside the firebox.

 5-Place the Coal inside the Firebox 

 Once the coals are completely hot, put them inside the firebox. Put one or two logs of hardwood if you want an extra flavour to your food. 

6-Monitor the Temperature 

 Monitor the temperature carefully. Low temperatures can leave the food uncooked, and high temperatures can burn it. So, it is important to make sure that the temperature inside the chamber is exactly according to the need. Try to close the firebox doors and cooking chamber doors closed while preheating. 

7-How to Cook on a Smoker Grill

Carefully place the food inside the chamber. You can either bring it to room temperature first or directly place it on the cooking racks/grills. Don’t hurry up while cooking. Give your food the proper time and temperature.

8-Add Coal to the Firebox 

 Add more coal to the firebox to maintain the temperature or to increase it. You will need to check the temperature every 30 minutes to make sure that the fire is working well. Your food will remain uncooked if the weather is too low or can be burnt if the fire is too high. So, you need to keep it moderate. It sometimes depends on the type of food you are cooking. You need to keep an eye on everything.

  9-Increase the Heat 

 The temperature inside the chamber is dropping, and you have to put more charcoal briquettes or wooden logs to keep the heat flowing. If you want a rapid increase in temperature, you can open the chimney vent. Close it as soon as the temperature is near the desired limit. You also may need to open the smoker vent to bring more heat.

 10-Reduce the Heat 

 If the temperature is too high, make sure that the vents are closed. Opening the lid of the cooking chamber can rapidly decrease the temperature.

 11- Add Wood Chunks to the Firebox 

Add large wooden chunks and place them next to the fire so that they burn slowly. Don’t add chips of wood because it burns quickly. Hardwood or fruitwood is a high-quality wood for offset smokers to get the best flavour in food. 

12-Rotate the Food 

It is important to rotate the food every hour so that the cooler parts can move near the firebox. It is also necessary even if you are cooking a single large piece of meat. In this manner, it will smoke evenly. 

13-Where to Put Water Pan in Offset Smoker

 If you are worried that your food will be dry, add moisture to the firebox. Place a metal rack above the coals in the firebox. Place a pan filled with water on top of it. Let the humidity travel to the cooking chamber so that it can prevent the food from drying.

 14-Spray Moisture to Food 

 Take a clean spray bottle and fill it with apple juice or water. Now spray this liquid into your food every 15 minutes or when you see that your food is drying. Do the same at the end of the cooking session.


Besides making the yummiest and richest meat, the offset smoker has many other advantages as follows:

  1. By using an offset smoker, you can make a lot of food at once. As offset smoker contains huge space, a good amount of food can be cooked easily.
  2. You can easily put more fuel, briquettes, or wood into the firebox to play with the temperature.
  3. It can last a lifetime if you are maintaining it correctly.
  4. As it is different from the traditional smoker, you can cook separately from the heat source.
  5. Fire can be stoked without opening the chamber. This is safer than getting into the heat. 
  6. Grilling or smoking the food is way easier once you know how to use an offset smoker grill. 


If you are kind of a person who is interested in parties or new stuff, an offset smoker is the right choice. Also, someone who likes cooking and is a foodie person, offset smoker will add to your experience of cooking. Most people do not like any hassle while cooking but they enjoy the taste and aroma of food, which can easily be captured by offset smokers.

As there are many types of smokers, you just need to choose the suitable match for you to operate it easily. In this manner, you can have the right aroma of food. As mentioned above, offset smoker enhances the taste of food.

 Keep in mind the offset smoker tips, and you will automatically get to know how to use offset smokers.  Everything has its pros and cons to consider before getting into it. I am sure this article will help you to decide if you should consider offset smoking or not. It will be very helpful to you if you have read all offset smoker instructions carefully.

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